Always Look on the Bright Side of Life

The Party Grows
Aug 7th

Uller and I met another dwarf named Gimdal Rune hammer something etc… he went on for quite awhile about that. Also a strange human named Alsie upon approaching the rumored site of the ancient citadel entrance. Some Twig blights attacked outside, and were vanquished. After that the decision was made to travel together. Alsie claims to be the son of Elminster. I think he really does believe his own insanity. He carries a pet lizard on his body and seems to be able to cast various spells, so we shall see how long he lasts. Gimdal is much more sensible and made a fairly good addition to the party. Uller my longtime traveling companion is always reliable and has been doing as well as can be expected. She has been taking the lead on most things. She led us down the rope and stairs and into a battle with several dire rats. We then came to some broken up masonry which ended in Uller falling into a pit trap and fighting yet another dire rat. After she jumped out we walked into a large circular room which contained 5 dead goblins. Four sprawled across the middle of the room, and one pinned to the wall with a spear when we pulled it off “ashardalon” was written in relief behind it. We then entered a hidden chamber where we encountered 3 skeletons. They were easily vanquished thanks in large part to Gimdal and his… God. After searching the redead remains I found 3 Majik arrows which I added to my quiver. Upon entering a room with a small cage, an alter, and a fire pit, we notice a bedroll that was still occupied. A pathetic looking Kobold is revealed upon peeling back the top layer. He has started to bond with Gimdal, revealing to him his name, Meepo, and that he had been taking care of a dragon here in this very room when it disappeared. This happened according to him by means of the Goblins stealing it.

A Lost Dragon!
Aug, 14th

We discussed the idea of travelling to Oakhurst and leaving Meepo here until our return when He will introduce us to the leader of the kobolds Use Drail. He has enlisted us to help him get his dragon back. Just as we turn to leave a Halfling rogue jumps out of the shadows, introducing himself as Jimmy the Hand. I fully distrust him, but he is met somewhat better by the dwarves and the idiot human is completely enraptured by him. The new Rogue has convinced the rest of the party to stay and press on instead of going back to recoup, I do not trust him to stay here alone or even without me so I went along with it. Meepo starts us onto meet his leader, and jollily takes us through the corridors. We pass a chamber of sleeping Kobolds of unascertainable number. Right before we turn the corner to go into the room where their leader is I stop Meepo and ask him if he is trying to harm us. He says “how Meepo hurt anyone” and it is determined he is telling us the truth and only wants to get back the dragon. We then enter the chamber where there are various kobolds at cooking fires, playing around and generally going about everyday business. We come up to the leader and her 6 guards. She casts a spell on herself and then starts speaking to us in common. She asks us to find the dragon, and insists the putrid goblins took it, and that we will be rewarded for bringing it back. I ask for the key that is set in the mouth of the stone carved dragon above the throne that is identical to the one we saw in one of the first rooms we came through. I also ask for some small pots for procuring alchemical ingredients. We are then led to a small room to rest in for the night. The next morning we go back to the room where the dragon was being held and on through a previously un-entered door. I see boot prints of 4 humanoids and mention the human party may have been the ones who took the dragon, but I am met with ambivalence on this. We enter a dark room with random debris and rat tracks about a day old, goblin tracks from a week ago, and more 1 month old human tracks. We go through the next door into a similar room with a dry fountain covered on the inside with some scummy residue. On the backsplash is a carved dragon and a relief in Draconic. Alsie reads an inscription on a stone door; it says in common “channel good, open the way.” The inscription on the fountain says “let there be fire.” I tell Alsie to wait while I put a clay jar under the spout into the bowl of the fountain. Alsie then reads out the inscription in draconic and a red glowing liquid flows into the pot. It is identified as breath of fire potion. At this point I make a sort of gesture of good will and give the potion to Uller to use in the future. Gimdal channels the energy of his faith and the door opened for us.
5 dusty sarcophagi of Elf like humans in ceremonial robes. And a single majikal candle on a shrine with a few other majikal things. The sarcophagi also have a majikal aura emanating from within. Gimdal pushed his way in and flung open the sarcophagus at which point all five doors spring open and 5 skeletons animate and attack. Gimdal turns them and they run to the far wall. Upon searching the alter there is a whistle with a dwarven inscription, and a potion of endure elements (fire). The candle is determined to be an ever burning candle. Alsie, who apparently speaks every language there is, reads the whistle and it says “azan goond” which means “Night caller”. Alsie expounds to us that it was made by the dark dwarves. From hearing his strange little story we decide this probably reanimates the dead and refrain from blowing it. I find a small compartment in the alter and in it is a small chest. The chest holds 4 small peridot shaped like dragons worth about 20 gp’s each.

July 10 First

Timeline and Plot points:

Mithril Hall is now the home of Clan Battlehammer. Bruenor Battlehammer is king. Mithril Hall has been retaken from Duergar 100 years ago by Bruenor and his mighty heroes, Drizzt Do’Urden, Wulfgar and Cattie-Brie. Wulfgar and Cattie-Brie have died, their natural lives expired, but Bruenor and Drizzt live on. Within the overarching clanline of Battlehammer, many other clans have sworn allegiance to clan Battlehammer and reside in Mithril Hall, I presume yours as well.

Now, after the completion of this module, your dwarven heritage may come into play. Your allegiance to any dwarven deity will never be questioned by another dwarf. What is important is to establish your place in your clan. I know we joked a bit, but Grimhil Runehammer, of clan Runehammer, eighth son of [insert patriarch], may become important. You have already run into one dwarf in Cormyr. Do not consider this a coincidence. Dwarves do not live in Cormyr. A dwarven blacksmith laboring in a human town in the middle of nowhere? Remember your dwarven heritage and what it means to be a dwarf. Accept nothing at face value.

Of also note, and I fear Karen was spacing out, the mayor entrusted Danniwill HeatherOaks of Feltbury-Downs to retrieve the apple, not Toddiwill. These minor details might become major ones as we progress.

A clan of ruffians has moved into southern Cormyr. All of a sudden, a clan of halflings decide to set up shop there also? Toddiwill is bluster. Danniwill has said nothing. But both obviously despise the Red Sash gang.

The mayor’s son, although but a boy possessing a spellbook bought from a gnome, is certain he is descended from Elminster. Why?

Goblins appear and have reappeared for the past 12 years with a healing apple. 13 years ago, a grim looking character with a tree frog on his shoulder went to the citadel and never came out.

You have reached the entrance of the citadel. It is there that we shall resume.


Sorry to be obvious, but it’s a lot of info to take in. Oh, and, by the way, Toddiwill Heatheroaks of Feltbury-Downs is all me (Copyright 2011, Rubright Productions, Ltd.)

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