Always Look on the Bright Side of Life

The Party Grows

Aug 7th

Uller and I met another dwarf named Gimdal Rune hammer something etc… he went on for quite awhile about that. Also a strange human named Alsie upon approaching the rumored site of the ancient citadel entrance. Some Twig blights attacked outside, and were vanquished. After that the decision was made to travel together. Alsie claims to be the son of Elminster. I think he really does believe his own insanity. He carries a pet lizard on his body and seems to be able to cast various spells, so we shall see how long he lasts. Gimdal is much more sensible and made a fairly good addition to the party. Uller my longtime traveling companion is always reliable and has been doing as well as can be expected. She has been taking the lead on most things. She led us down the rope and stairs and into a battle with several dire rats. We then came to some broken up masonry which ended in Uller falling into a pit trap and fighting yet another dire rat. After she jumped out we walked into a large circular room which contained 5 dead goblins. Four sprawled across the middle of the room, and one pinned to the wall with a spear when we pulled it off “ashardalon” was written in relief behind it. We then entered a hidden chamber where we encountered 3 skeletons. They were easily vanquished thanks in large part to Gimdal and his… God. After searching the redead remains I found 3 Majik arrows which I added to my quiver. Upon entering a room with a small cage, an alter, and a fire pit, we notice a bedroll that was still occupied. A pathetic looking Kobold is revealed upon peeling back the top layer. He has started to bond with Gimdal, revealing to him his name, Meepo, and that he had been taking care of a dragon here in this very room when it disappeared. This happened according to him by means of the Goblins stealing it.



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